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Local Farms

Rolling Hills Farms, Great Meadow Farm, Fierst Farm, Yarnick Farm, Eastern Fresh Growers, Flaim Farm, and Alderfer Eggs



Spring Apricot & Jersey Beet Salad – with goat cheese, cucumbers, pickled onions, lemony arugula, baby spinach, nut free granola, and balsamic glaze 8.95 vg, gf

Crispy Eggplant Salad – crispy eggplant fingers, grilled Jersey asparagus, local field greens, vegan feta, cucumbers, tomatoes, coconut curried chickpeas & zucchini, served with homemade tzatziki and warm hummus flatbread 14.95vg

Thai Chili Crunch Wrap – cilantro & lime pulled chicken tossed in sweet & spicy Thai chili crunch mayo served with sweet potato fries 12.95

D’Arcy’s Tomato Sandwich - sliced Jersey hot house tomatoes on seeded rye bread with Maldon sea salt, fresh ground pepper and plenty of real Hellmann’s mayo served with potato chips 8.95

Lambwich – Philly style shaved lamb, caramelized onions, and Cooper sharp on a toasty Amoroso roll served with fries and good mustard 16.95

BBQ Short Rib Panini – sweet & sticky Pepsi bbq’d smoked short ribs, and Tillamook sharp cheddar cheese on griddled ciabatta served with baconator slaw fries 14.95


Flourless Chocolate Cake – chocolate sauce, fresh berries & whipped cream 6.95 gf

David’s Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie 4.95

Rainbow Sprinkle Cake – Vanilla layer cake with buttercream and lots of rainbow sprinkles 6.95

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